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SR II in Raleigh, NC

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

It’s taken me a few days to sit in the great experience that SR II was for me. I love that we had a room full of intelligent, polished individuals who have a lot of talent. Sometimes folks think SR is about fixing people– it isn’t. It wasn’t ever meant to be about that. It’s about making things better. And SR II is about making what is already great, really over the top superb.

I was privileged to be part of change. It’s pretty amazing to see people take concepts, apply them and know just how that’s going to fit and bring such a high shine to what was already working really well.

This weekend was also special to me because my own slave attended (yes, that was a bit bizarre…chuckle…apparently only for me!). One of the most precious moments for me was afterwards when my slave said, “…you know Lady, we live this way. You’re not someone different at SR and then a hyprocrite by being someone else in private.” It’s valuable to me to be seen by my own property and have it recognized that we are synergetic and spit shined. :)

I’m going to recall how we brought the weekend to a close. Those are the moments I carry forward in my heart for a long time to come.

Servant’s Retreat in Laurel

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

SR isn’t over. I rarely am so moved to write before an event is over (much less possessed of the time to do so) but I must.

This is weekend is such that I have been so gifted. This SR had an extreme attendance cap on it. Sometimes I choose to make SR’s smaller than usual. This is one of them. We’re a small group this weekend and the intensity is such that it’s mind blowing. There are times that I feel I am given so much that I’m almost speechless. This is one of them.

Each person in attendance has is possessed of unique gifts that I am moved to say they each have a destiny. The depth of work taking place this weekend carries with it such a strong ease due to willingness. It it a weekend of creators. I know it’s an unusual word– these are folks who move it forward, make it happen and there is such humility that I am unsure they have full awareness of how mind-blowingly fabulous they are. And there is more to come.

I also have to say how grateful (and humbled) I am of the support staff here. I couldn’t be better taken care of if I had designed it myself. I am unsure what I have done to be given such goodness but I am deeply grateful. Grateful enough that I will embarrass them all soon. :)

More to come tomorrow but I will end with this– if I wasn’t already sure that I am doing the work I was meant to do, this weekend would have taught me that. At times when my boy tells me he loves me, he says, “more than you’ll ever know, Lady.” It’s a moment of great depth and gratitude for me. I am blessed to be here this weekend and all I can say to all in attendance is, more than you’ll ever know. Thank you.

BESS Baltimore

Friday, February 6th, 2009

This week I taught Refining Service Movement at BESS in Baltimore, MD. It’s a great group truly. I remember when BESS formed and one of the founding members was in attendance. It was so good to see her. She is ageless in every way– not merely beautiful but engaging as always.

I really enjoy that class and there were a lot of new folks in attendance. We had a really great time. Some very good questions were asked and audience knowledge was added! That’s always a bonus when new information is provided and I learned a thing or two!

I love that BESS has dinner afterwards. It allowed for some good social time and a got to know a few people better.

Thanks BESS for hosting me for a rocking evening!