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Back from Navarre FL and PALS

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

I had a fabulous time in Navarre, FL. I visited with PALS.They are open, fun, and do a great job of providing social time for their membership. I was able to see some old friends and I meet a lot of new people I hope to see again and again. There’s a lot to be said for the warmth and friendliness of this group.

My flights were delayed and while I was in Atlanta I ended up having a long conversation with a very smart woman whose brother is on death row in Florida. Each of us feel our difficulties deeply– it is what happens next which is astounding. What we each do with our circumstance is where we might find the truly astounding. I saw this in her eyes and her honesty. Life is demanding and sometimes unthinkable. We persist anyway. I believe my flights were delayed so I might meet her. It’s the deep conversations which may carry enough weight to give some intangible gem. I flew out of Atlanta knowing I, again, was being given something incredible. I’m so grateful people will tell me their truth.