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Meaningful Ritual

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

I’m so looking forward to this coming Saturday, Feb. 25th. I’m going to go to Charlotte, NC and teach a cutting class. It’s about body transformation but it’s more than that– it’s about connections, the soul, and a ritual between myself and my beloved slave.

I, like many people, am very fond of ritual. It brings me depth and something unnamable. You never know what will happen within a ritual but you do know that something will happen. This ritual is one that I don’t do often with my slave. It is a process we began years ago in private. I choose to take this particular ritual into the public realm and include every person in the room. For me, it’s a beautiful lingering moment that I find very fulfilling. I have heard from others who participated that they were surprised at what they found in themselves through our shared process. We have done this class on two other occasions during our relationship (we’re in our seventh year). Each time something new unfolded and I found great value and energy in it.

I’m really excited about coming to CAPEX and sharing this facet of our personal journey.