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Philadelphia Leather Pride sponsors SR attendees

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

Philadelphia Leather Pride (PLP) and Catherine Gross, PCC Present a Scholarship Opportunity:

Scholarship: 1 Full Package to Servant’s Retreat I: ($125 value). This includes all materials, two lunches and attendance for the weekend. This cost does not include lodging or transportation.

Philadelphia Leather Pride (PLP): PLP’s Mission Statement is to celebrate and bring together the Greater Philadelphia, Leather, Kink, BDSM, Pansexual and LGBTQ communities focusing on the support of charitable organizations and to teach, promote and preserve our History. In keeping with our mission statement PLP has turned into more than just one night. We are a year round support organization helping other groups bring education opportunities to our City.
**To learn more about PLP,

Servant’s Retreat: Be prepared to explore yourself. Servant’s Retreat I focuses on using tools to be a whole person and bringing the power of everything you are into your service. At Retreat, we will explore in depth who we are, not only as servants/bottoms/slaves/boys/girls, but as people. We will use various psychological theories and models to illuminate how we serve and bottom. The Retreat is not a Service 101 course of study, but rather, it is an intensive, interactive weekend created for people who submit, bottom, and/or serve. It is designed to provide you with tools which may allow you to find your answers while enhancing your service, confidence, and self-esteem.
**To learn more about Servant’s Retreat I,

There will be two packages awarded:
• 1 Package for Servant’s Retreat 1 in Browns Summit, North Carolina, April 20th -22nd, 2012.
• 1 Package for Servant’s Retreat 1 which will take place in the 2nd half of 2012, location to be announced.
**Full schedule for SR I and other classes by Catherine Gross, PCC:

Scholarship Application: Write a 500-700 word essay describing why you believe SR would be a good experience for you at this time in your life. When emailing, please put PLP Scholarship in the subject line. Please send all emails to Catherine’s assistant, Lyric at Please include your full legal name, a phone number, your primary email address, a secondary email, and the name you would like used in the public announcement of the scholarship award. All information is for the purposes of this award only, and will not be shared.

This is a non-transferable award. To claim your package, please contact Catherine’s assistant, Lyric. A registration code will be provided. Please use code to register.

Scholarship submission deadline: Monday, March 19th

Winners will be announced by phone or email on Tuesday, March 27th